Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fourth Creek
Fourth Creek is a company that makes specialty red pepper relishes. Their relishes are derived from their mother's recipe, one that has always been greatly enjoyed by family and friends! The relish became a staple at parties and gatherings. Fourth Creek believes that "great food connects people,"and I happen to agree!  I had the pleasure of trying their Sweet Red Pepper Relish and their Hint of Habanero Red Pepper Relish, complimentary. 
We always have relish at our barbecues,but it is nothing out of the ordinary. It is just the same-old, same-old pickle relish. It goes on hot dogs and hamburgers and no one gets too excited about it.  I was excited to have Fourth Creek  Sweet Red Pepper Relish at our Fourth of July barbecue. Something different to shake things up a bit!  The relish went over big! It has a very unique and delicious flavor! It is both sweet and tangy, and the texture is also great.  Our guests enjoyed it in a variety of ways. They used it on their hamburgers, hot dogs,and grilled chicken breast sandwiches. The vegetarians at our party put it on their veggie burgers and stated that it added so much more flavor than ketchup or pickle relish. Everyone was surprised at how delicious it was!  The Hint of Habanero was very similar to the other relish. It was sweet and tangy, but it had a little kick of heat to it. It was excellent! We used it as a spread to go along with the crab dip that we made. We spread a layer of the crab dip on crackers, then topped it with the Hint of Habanero relish. Our friends loved that!
 Although the relish is great on burgers and hot dogs, it can be used for so much more!  It is excellent on chicken, pork, mixed into dips,and spread on paninis.  It makes an ordinary dish special!  If you head on over to the Fourth Creek website, you can view some exciting recipes that your family and friends will love. I plan on keep a few jars in our pantry.  You can also learn more and find out where you can purchase Fourth Creek. You  may also shop on their website.  Please visit them here:

 *Photo courtesy of Fourth Creek.

Make your next barbecue more exciting with Fourth Creek relishes!

***Please note that I was provided with free samples of Fourth Creek relishes. The above review is my honest opinion of their products.

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