Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Full Circle Products
I recently had the opportunity to test some great products from Full Circle! I received the following items complimentary : Lemon Drops Citrus Infuser Set, ZIPTUCK Storage Bags,SPLASH PATROL gloves, and the CLEAN REACH bottle brush.
Full Circle is a company that uses superior materials to make innovative,useful,earth friendly,and attractive products.  You can learn more about them here:   
The Lemon Drops Citrus Infuser Set is a fun product,especially, for these hot summer months!  It is a citrus fruit juicer that catches the juice in little silicone trays. Pop them into your freezer and use the frozen delights in all of your favorite drinks. You can also use the cubes for your cooking,as well. We mixed both lemon and lime cubes into our water bottles for a really refreshing drink!  You can check them out here:

Photo credit: Full Circle

The ZIPTUCK Storage Bags are my favorite product of the ones that I received! They are the perfect storage solution. They are reusable,food safe, leak-proof, and BPA free. The zip type closure keeps items contained and fresh. They can even stand up!  I would prefer to use these over disposable bags. They are great for any items and excellent for on the go!  You can check them out here: 
 **Photo credit to Full Circle
The SPLASH PATROL gloves make cleaning much more pleasurable. They have a unique cuffed  design to catch water and keep your dry! I love the
soft lined interior, which is much more comfortable than a latex one. My favorite thing is the hang-dry loops for fast drying. They are so pretty too! You can check them out here: 


**Photo credit to Full Circle

The CLEAN REACH bottle brush has some unique features! It has a removable head for easy cleaning and replacement. It also has an attractive bamboo handle. It reaches down deep into water bottles and  thermoses so you can get them their cleanest. It is also is great for glasses and mugs,as well.  You can learn more here: 
**Photo credit to Full Circle
I am very impressed with the quality of Full Circle products!
***Please note that I received free samples of Full Circle products and the above review is my honest opinion of their products.

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