Friday, September 2, 2016

Both learning and playtime are very important for our children. Can the two be combined? Yes! Ozobot is a tiny robot that makes learning fun!  It is highly rated, award winning, and consumers love it.

Ozobot is a smart robot that aids in teaching STEM education, computer science,coding,and robotics. Children learn as they play,and what better way is there to learn?! Your child will play for hours,because there are endless learning opportunities as they play games, draw codes, make the Ozobot dance, and use the free apps.  The Ozobot can be personalized with removable decals and made into some pretty cute characters.  See the photo below to see how cute these tiny robots are:

***Photo credit Ozobot

This is an educational toy that provides hours and hours of fun,whether alone,or with friends. It is a toy that will  both entertain and teach your children for years to come,and you won't find this one used only once and then tossed under the bed. It is an affordable investment that will help you advance your child's education. And, I promise, you will love playing with it too! 

Please check put  Ozobot's website here:

Many thanks to Tryazon and Ozobot for providing me with a complimentary Ozobot to sample and review!

** Please note that I received the Ozobot for free to try out and review. The above is my honest opinion of the product.  I truly recommend it!


  1. New blog entry! This is a great one! I have never heard of Ozobot,but I went to their website,and I think they are great! My twins would really get a lot of use out of these. I like educational toys for them. I am going to purchase these for Christmas for them. Hopefully, I can hold out and not open and play with them before then... Thanks for the great review!

  2. What a fantastic gift to give your little ones for Christmas, Tracey! Hopefully, you can hold out!!