Sunday, May 1, 2016

SOI,WHOOSH,and Cool Cucumber Computer Eyes

 I have recently been selected to try,complimentary, three exciting products! Many thanks to Tryazon for selecting me to do so.

BRAINSTREAM is a company that comes out with some pretty unique and helpful products,one such product being SOI. SOI is one of the most useful products I have ever tried!. It solves one of my biggest problems,and one of the biggest problems for all women, the dark pocketbook interior. SOI is a purse light that turns on automatically when it senses your hand approaching! I ,honestly,spend MORE time attempting to find items in my purse than I care to admit. I have to look for items ahead of time! I start searching for my house keys, two miles before my husband pulls into our driveway. So frustrating.  My bag is a huge,deep,dark abyss. SOI has been a lifesaver! Just drop the light into your purse and it automatically turns on when it senses your hand. It also turns off on its own. It is light in weight and operates perfectly, and, best of all, it operates on triple A batteries,making it so affordable. With Mother's Day coming up,SOI would be a great gift for Mom or even yourself! It's useful,functional,and affordable. Check out the link below for more information~

*** Photo courtesy of  BRAINSTREAM

WHOOSH is another fantastic product!  Techies will love this one! WHOOSH not only cleans your tech products but kills bacteria and germs,as well. Let's be honest, those little devices get pretty dirty,and I will admit to being a real neat freak. I like everything to be as clean as possible. WHOOSH is safe,kills germs,and helps prevent fingerprints. It's safe for many tech devices. Reasonably priced and it goes a long way. I will carry it in my bag forever! 

Please check out WHOOSH here~

Cool Cucumber Eye Pads are so lovely, especially after a day of  focusing on my computer screen. They are cool,refreshing,and feel very luxurious.  Pre-moistened  and in a resealable package, they are so convenient. I love the hydration effect! Another very reasonably priced product that would make a perfect Mother's Day gift. Please check them out here~

*** Please note that I received complimentary products for this review. However, the above review is my honest opinion of the products. I am so happy to be able to share products that I like with you.


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