Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ines Rosales Tortas

I have discovered the perfect treat! Ines Rosales Tortas are now a part of my daily coffee break. If you haven't tried them,you simply have to! Tortas are a little taste of Spain. They are made of extra virgin olive oil and unbleached wheat flour. The texture is flaky and light. The flavor is superb! They are little slices of heaven! Ines Rosales Tortas are authentic; the recipe is over 100 years old!  They are hand-formed and hand-wrapped. The tortas come in both savory and sweet flavors:  Original, Seville Orange,Cinnamon, Rosemary & Thyme ,and Sesame & Sea Salt. My favorite is the Seville Orange. You can eat them alone or use them in recipes. I love the old world feeling and authenticity of  Ines Rosales Tortas. There is nothing even similar to them,and they have become a family favorite. It's so exciting to discover a new product,and Ines Rosales Tortas will be a staple in our pantry for an everyday taste of Spain!

You can learn more here 

  **Photo courtesy of Ines Rosales 

**A special thank you to Tryazon for providing me with complimentary samples of Ines Rosales Tortas. The above review is my honest opinion of this delicious product.


  1. I have never seen these before. They look yummy. I looked at the recipe ideas on the website. I am buying them!

  2. They are so delicious! Honestly, there is nothing else even similar to them,and I love unique products!