Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Microwave Cinnamon Rolls

I am excited to share a new product by Rhodes! We love cinnamon rolls,but I do not always have the time to pop one in the oven and wait for it to bake, especially on busy mornings. I am happy to report that Rhodes has solved the "I really want a cinnamon roll but do not have time to make one" problem with their new Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Microwave Cinnamon Rolls! Courtesy of Rhodes and Tryazon, I was able to try these ooey-gooey,warm, and delicious rolls. Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Microwave Cinnamon Rolls actually rise and bake right in the microwave. There are six in the bag with six individual cream cheese icings. Make one or make them all. It's up to you! Thank you,Rhodes, for giving us another top quality product.

Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Microwave Cinnamon Rolls  could not be simpler to make. Follow these directions please:

1) Put the bun on a plate
2) Microwave 60 seconds
3) Frost with the enclosed icing

That's it;you're done!

Oh, and repeat again whenever you are in the mood for a warm cinnamon bun! 

*Photo courtesy of Rhodes

 You can check out all the great products Rhodes makes here:

***I received a complimentary sample of  Rhodes Bake-N-Serv™ Microwave Cinnamon Rolls. The above review is my honest opinion of the product. I really do love them!

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