Friday, August 28, 2015

Keeping it Simple With Collapse-It and Flip-It!

Collapse-It and Flip-It are two products that offer unique solutions to some of our kitchen problems.  Courtesy of Tryazon, I was provided with a complimentary set of each to test out and introduce to friends. Read on...because you are going to love them!

Collapse-It is one of the most unique products that I have ever used. Nothing is more aggravating than opening up my cupboard and having all my storage containers fall out. I am a very organized and tidy person, and I like everything in its place.With a big family, I often have a lot of leftovers for storage, and I have an entire cupboard devoted to containers. I like them orderly, but my family doesn't always put them away in an orderly manner, and I am NOT a happy camper when those hit the floor! Collapse-It to the rescue! Collapse-It are storage containers that collapse totally flat!  They are made of  silicone and can be used in the freezer, dishwasher, and get ready... the OVEN!! YES! I love multipurpose products! They are unbreakable, will not crack, and keep food fresh with a vacuum seal. I love all the shapes and sizes. I plan on replacing all my bulky storage containers with them. I will have a nice, neat cupboard, and I will no longer have to deal with crowding and containers falling out and breaking.  I, absolutely, love them!

** Photo courtesy of Collapse-It
Please check out Collapse-It here: 

Flip-It is another ingenious product.  I really do not like to waste money, and it bothers me when I have to toss out a bottle that is not completely empty. Often, my husband will put a bottle in the fridge upside-down, so that we are not shaking to oblivion to get the last of the product out. Unfortunately, this often leads to a leaking MESS, and I am sure you can imagine how a neat-freak feels about that. Flip-It solves that problem! By attaching special caps onto bottles, one can store the product upside down to get ALL the product without fear of leakage. Flip-It isn't just for the kitchen,either. I am currently using it on my hair conditioner bottle.  You have to check out their site! Honestly, this is one of my favorite products ever!

**Photo courtesy of Flip-it

Collapse-It and Flip-It are two products that I am most excited about! I highly recommend them both. 

**Please note that I was provided these wonderful products complimentary, and the above is my honest opinion of them. 

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!


  1. I have never seen these before. I like the idea of having a really clean pantry. I also think it is fantastic that they can go into the oven. The last time I did that with my Pyrex one it broke, despite that it states it is oven safe. I am definitely buying these.

  2. They are great! We have been using them for a month now,and we love them!

  3. These are interesting. I'm definitely going to look into them. My wife and I get into so many arguments about Tupperware. She uses it everyday and the lids are everywhere. The bowls are tossed around in the cabinet. It drives me nuts!

  4. I really like them! They are a bit more expensive than traditional containers,but I love the way they collapse totally flat. My husband likes the way they can go into the oven. Therefore,I feel they are worth the extra cost,because they can be used as ovenware too. I,definitely,have the cleanest storage container cupboard I have ever seen!