Thursday, November 7, 2013

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Certified K-Cups

Being a BzzAgent means that I have the pleasure of trying some really great products for free! Currently, I am on a wonderful BzzCampaign  for Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified K-Cups. Everyone knows that Green Mountain strives to deliver the richest, the most delicious, and the highest quality of coffee; but are you familiar with Fair Trade Certified Coffee? At the Green Mountain website, you can watch a video featuring Kelly Clarkson's trip to Peru. Anyone who watches her video can see the importance of looking out for others. Showing the faces of farmers and their communities makes the impact of the Fair Trade Certified Coffee BzzCampaign all the more real. Corporate responsibility is important, and Green Mountain is living proof of that! When farmers are fairly compensated, the entire community benefits, and the standard of living is greatly improved. Simply by purchasing Green Mountain Fair Trade Certified Coffee, we become a little part of that! That is a wonderful feeling! Three Continent Blend K-Cups are rich, bold, and delicious. In a matter of a minute, you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, hot, delightful, and emotionally satisfying too, because you have the peace of knowing that coffee farmers and their communities are being treated kindly and responsibly by Green Mountain. You can't ask for more than that!

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