Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jollys Garden Shoes and Clogs

I recently received a complimentary pair of garden clogs from Jollys for the purpose of review. I was overjoyed!  After spending hours trying to decide which pair to select, because they ALL were so lovely, I finally decided on the Women's Picture Clog - Plumeria/Pink. I anxiously awaited their arrival! They looked so beautiful on their website, and , being an avid gardener, I simply could not wait for them to come! When they did arrive, they were every bit as pretty as the picture depicted on their website.  

Jollys has been making garden shoes for over thirty years. A wide variety of men and women's clogs and shoes are available. They are made from 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam. Besides being stylish, they are light weight, waterproof, and just about indestructible. Because I live in the great northeast, and gardening is not possible in the winter months, for proper evaluation and review, I had to wait for better weather.

 Since receiving them, I have worn them both in and out of the gardens. Why not... when you visit their website and see them, you will know why! They are just so pretty! Even after some intense and messy yard clean-up (MUD), they are still looking brand new! I gardened in some very deep spring mud, and the clogs cleaned up magnificently! What I love about them is that they go beyond gardening. I have worn them in the spring rain, and my feet have remained dry. I have worn them out shopping and received many compliments on them.  I love being able to slip them on in an instant and go, whether that be to my gardens or to the mall. After months of use, they still look brand new.  Most importantly, they are comfortable. Looking great is fun, but comfort is, ultimately, of utmost importance. 

I think if you visit Jollys' website at:

you are going to have one tough time deciding which pair to choose. I am already thinking about ordering a second pair! Style , comfort, and durability; I couldn't ask for more!

Photo credit to Jollys. Please note; I received a complimentary pair of Jollys clogs for the purpose of this review. The above opinion is an honest one and completely my own.



  1. I had never heard of these, but , after reading your review, I ordered a pair for myself and also for my daughter. I ordered the yellow ones for my daughter and the Plumria ones for me. Thanks!

  2. Wonderful, Missy! You are going to love them! Enjoy!

  3. Those are so pretty. I am going to order a pair. I don't garden, though. I just like them.