Thursday, February 7, 2013

 I Have Received Three More Liebster Awards!

Thank you so very much to the three lovely ladies below who nominated me -

Now it is time to answer all their great questions that they have asked me! questions for me are-

What is your dream vacation?
 I would love to go to Hawaii
 What is your favorite animal?
 I love all animals! My favorite animal is a dog. 
What is your favorite dessert?
Oh no! How can I choose just one! Homemade cookies.
What’s your favorite food?
Another hard one! It changes by the day. I think it would be crab.
What’s your favorite movie?
Mary Poppins!
What’s your make-up must have?
Heals or flats?
Flats; either strappy sandals or ballerina flats
What do you prefer sand or snow?
Some days sand, some days snow.  Like them equally.
Favorite brand of nail polish?
I think OPI.
What do you like about blogging?
I enjoy spreading the word about great products, and I also love sharing little bits of my life.
Favorite TV show?  
It's a tie between Modern Family and The Office asks-

What is your favorite drink?
My favorite drink is water. 
What is your favorite day of the week?
My favorite day of the week is Friday.
Are you a morning person?   

How much time do you spend writing blogs?
Quite a bit, because it's fun!

What's your favorite cleanser and moisturizer?
I don't have one. I likes several different brands.

What's your favorite lotion?
Anything from Bath &Body Works
What  cosmetics can't you live with out?
Foundation and blush
How many kids do you want? 
I wanted three, and I have three.
If you could go back in time...What would you change?
Nothing. Things are as they are for a reason,although we may not understand why.
Do you prefer driving a truck ,car, or SUV?
A small SUV/crossover 
What's you favorite beverage?
Water , asks me the following-
Where were you born ? 
 New York State
Favorite food ?
Do you eat breakfast ?
Yes, a light one
How long have you been blogging ?

Over a year 
What states have you been to ?
Too many to list

Are you a flip flop or sneaker lover ?
Flip flop
How many nail polishes do you own ?

Seems like hundreds!

Have you ever been on a tropical vacation or cruise ?

Favorite color ?
Have you ever been naked in public ? (Streaked a football game? LOL)
Gosh ,NOOOO !!!!!! Of course not!!!!

Are you a lip stick or lip gloss lover ?
I like both.

Thank you so very much for the Liebster Awards!

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