Friday, January 18, 2013

As the gentle snow falls, find peace in the beauty of nature...


  1. Beautiful pic. I used to live with my sister and her backyard dropped off into a wooded ravine. All the smart deer who didn't want to be hunted wound up chilling in our backyard each morning. It was so peaceful drinking tea, wrapped in my robe and watching them through her glass patio doors. We had a deer show up in our fenced yard here at our house in town once a few months ago and it scared the life out of me. We live very close to a major highway and I have never seen one so far in town before. Thankfully I didn't have my dogs outside. The pretty little lady was startled too. She jumped the fence at soon as my foot hit the grass.

  2. It is so very peaceful. I live in the country, and we have all sorts of animals. We have deer, coyotes, red fox,and wild turkeys,snakes, and even bear once in a while. I have a toy breed, and I always put her out very late before bed, and I stand with her until she is done, because we have so many coyotes. The other night, I clipped her lead, took a step out of the garage, bent down and set her on the ground. She darted across the field, and just about 10 feet away were four huge deer. It is pitch black in the country, and I didn't see what she was chasing after at first. She is only ten pounds, and the deer were totally startled by her! They froze in place. I had to race out and grab her. They were so peaceful, and it was a beautiful starry night. There is definitely something magical about nature.