Monday, October 1, 2012


Recently, I received CleanWell hand wipes to sample and review.  
CleanWell  is a company that makes products to cleanse with that are safe and free of harsh chemicals. They still kill germs though!  I found the wipes to have many positive attributes. Firstly, they did, indeed ,clean well. Secondly, they were very gentle and did not dry my skin. Thirdly, the scent was fresh and nice ; no chemical smell with this product. Also, I loved the portability of the individually wrapped wipes. The packaging kept the wipes moist , and I did not encounter any dried out wipes, as I have with other brands.

CleanWell makes a large variety of products that are natural and free of harsh chemicals. They are safe for children's use, and also will not sting cuts, because they are alcohol free. They are  not tested on animals. Their products are perfect for the whole family to use. Most importantly, they are effective. You can still kill germs without all the harsh chemicals.

If you would like to read more about CleanWell, you can explore their website here;

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  1. Alcohol free? I did not know there was a hand wipe that was alcohol free. Great review.