Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pond's All Day Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes



  An excellent facial cleanser with a luxurious feel.


I am a big fan of all the Pond's products, but especially so of Pond's original All Day Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes. There are so many positive attributes that i could go on and on! The most important thing in a facial cleanser, in my opinion, is that it cleanses the skin effectively, and this one truly does. All traces of my makeup are removed when I use these. A second important necessity in a cleanser, for me, is that it not irritate my very dry skin. I want my face to be cleansed, but not stripped of all its moisture . Pond's did clean my skin without drying it out. Another requirement for a cleanser is that it not leave soap/cleanser residue behind. Pond's left no soap residue behind.
In the past, I have tried many of the facial cleansing wipes and have found them to be too dry. There is no point to a cleansing wipe if there is not enough moisture to it. One cannot get her face clean with a dry wipe. Pond's were adequately moist, in fact, perfectly moistened. Also of importance is that the wipe not dry out. In the past, I have gone to use one, only to find that they have dried out after opening. Pond's did not dry out, even after a month of use.
These are a bit more expensive than using a cleanser in a jar bottle, or bar of soap. Therefore; I do not use them every day. I use them on nights when I am tired, or it is late, and I want a fast, yet effective way to remove my makeup. I also use them for travel. I love them for that purpose! I do not have to worry about them leaking in my luggage. Also, they are light weight making travel easier.
I believe these to be good for sensitive skin as well. I have many friends who suffer break outs and have no problem at all after using Pond's. My friends with oily skin feel that they provide them with excellent cleansing. They are hypoallergenic and suitable for those who wear contacts lenses. They are also dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested as stated on their packaging.
They are very nice on a hot summer day to freshen up your face. They are quite pampering and have a luxurious feel.
I keep a package in my vanity at all times. I purchase them when there is a sale. I usually buy two packages. That way, I never have to pay full price which makes them more affordable.
I highly recommend Pond's Original All Day Clean Wet Cleansing Towelettes . They are an affordable luxury!


  1. I was curious as to how well these worked. I am going tobuy them now. I travel frequently and these sound like they would be perfect for that.